A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Nuclear Fission is a simple 2D game where the player has to shoot and dodge small atoms. Atoms split on impact and bounce around the stage. The goal is to not get hit and split enough atoms to get to the next stage. At the end of every stage a boss appears and must be defeated to win the level. To stay alive the player can collect health and upgrades for his gun. The game uses the Unity engine and a retro/cartoon artstyle. All assets (except the upgrade sprites for health/ammo and the laser shaders) are selfmade.

This game was developed in the course Game Design and Development 1 at Graz University of Technology.

Install instructions

Just download and unzip. Make sure the data folder is in the same directory as the executable.


CurrentDevelopmentBuild (Win64 only)
NuclearFission-win-x64.zip 39 MB
NuclearFission-win-x86.zip 38 MB
NuclearFission-linux-x86.zip 41 MB
NuclearFission-linux-64.zip 41 MB


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Great initial story, was already laughing before the game even started! Also enjoy the art style used! :)

Thank you for the compliment, we had a great time making the game and laughed a lot ourselves during development!